I started investing online on 22th March 2017. My first project is BetrobotBot. My first investment amount is 0.02 Bitcoins, that’s about $20. I promoted the program on facebook and 2 days later I got rewarded through reference cashback. My first investor in my downline invested 0.32 btc, so I was paid with 0.048 btc. So I had my investment back. I reinvested the amount, so my provisions grew because now I was paid 15% of 0.068 btc (0.02 + 0.048). I went on reinvesting my provisions.

So after two weeks my balance looks like this:

Not bad for a beginner 🙂

My investments:

If you want to know more about this program read my article <Betrobot – Surebets in Telegram Mode with 6 % daily for 30 days>

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Update: 18/04/2017 

Here are my additional investments. My strategy now is to get as much money as possible out of the program.

The community has grown very fast in the last few days so that now there are over 5000 investors. Because of this I reinvested 0.35 btc.

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My first investment – Betrobotbot
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