No question, the makers of ETHTrade have made a great effort to present a decent long-term online with an extravagant design and a selfmade script, which certainly cost them a lot of money. Such professionally created programs or their own scripts immediately create a high degree of confidence, where it is worthwhile to study the program more closely. Although we have already learned that a good looking website is not a guarantee for a long term, I think we have found a good program with ETHTrade.

ETHTrade is so far not listed on any Hyip monitor, which I like basically quite well. For this reason, the start date is not accurate, which should be early / mid-March 2016, according to Whois data the page was registered on 26.02.2016. The site has an SSL certificate and stands out, as already mentioned with its own script.
The creators claim to earn money with Ethereum trading, generating an average monthly return of 30% to 50%. Half of them (15 to 25%) then go to the investors. So they also write that it would be possible to earn even more profit, but the security in the foreground. Even with the monthly Trading Financal Report and the weekly extensive statistics on the website, they want to prove to us that is actually earned with trading money. If this is not the case, then they are doing a lot of work with fingering the statistics. In any case, we should also be careful and use our minds.

The investment opportunities

Starting from $ 10, – we can make a deposit and receive a daily rate of return on workdays from Monday to Friday. This gives us a return on the 5 business days, which ranges between 4% and 8% depending on the success of the ETH Trading Week. In the following statistics of May, we see the weekly total return, from which we get 50%.

What happens to our deposit?

The most important thing is that we will not lose our contribution to ETHTrade, but will be able to pay back at any time. In order to be able to repay the deposit fully, we have to leave it in the system for at least 60 days.
If we withdraw our deposit in the first 30 days after the investment, a charge of 30% will be charged.
If we take our deposit from day 31 – day 60 after the investment, a fee of up to 15% will be charged, which is dependent on the size as a percentage of the withdrawal to the deposit.
From the 60th day onwards, we will be able to withdraw our investment free of charge.

Payments and withdrawals

With bitcoin and ethereum
There are no fees. Minimum for deposit and withdrawal is $ 10, -. Payouts on workdays possible, must be requested manually and can take up to 5 days.
What we should know about deposits and disbursements

Deposits and withdrawals are limited to a certain amount depending on the rank we own. The majority of us will probably have the first rank (frontier) and in this case can deposit a maximum of $ 500 per week and pay off $ 300. We can increase our rank by getting a certain deposit or by investing a certain sum as soon as a promoted investor has invested. The exact overview is shown in the following screenshot in the right column.

Affiliate System

We get here not only on the deposit of the advertised a commission, but also on their daily returns. In rank 1, the frontier are these
On the deposit at level 1 – 3%, at level 2 – 2% and at level 3 – 1%
And on the daily return at level 1 – 5%, at level 2 – 1% and at level 3 – 1%
You can see the payouts for the higher ranks in the screenshot above.



If you would like to trust ETHTrade and invest, you should let your investment run at least 60 days due to the fees involved. The strategy of investing their own investment in several programs that generate realistic returns, work with their own scripts, such as ETHTrade, Questra or CashBackMarketing, leads to success in the medium term rather than investing in short-lived Hyips. Therefore, ETHTrade should be a good additional program in its own portfolio.

I would be happy to welcome you to my team at ETHTrade and I give you 50% RCB on your initial investment, which you can apply for here.

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ETHTrade – Develop Ethereum with 4% – 8% weekly return
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